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Manufacturing Key Solutions

PROTO TYPE BUILD: SNE Key strength lies with proto type build support to a minimum quantity of single board assembly. Facilitates assemblies of High Complex boards with BGA and Fine Pitch QFN’s. Supports both ROHS and NON-ROHS process for printed circuit board assembly. Expertise in assemble up-to component size of 0201 for highly dense and complex boards. Supports Individual board testing as per customer specific requirement Procurement facility for even a single card for proto support. Customized Box build and packing.

HIGH VOLUME PRODUCTION: SNE has proven high volume production in thousands with best quality delivery with the past production and current executions.
We deliver product with the base concept of “On Time Delivery” as per commitments.

Executing production of high volume complex boards into various segments like Bluetooth, WIFI, RF, Space Station, Defence, consumer product, power supplies and lighting segments etc. We also deal with Cable harness, Wire harness, Wiring harness, Cable assembly, Wiring assembly or Wiring loom etc.

OUR FACILITIES: In general, SNE facilitates End to End solutions in manufacturing start from procurement, IGI, Stores, material accountability, PCB Fabrication, PCB assembly, Testing, Final Inspection and BOX build with packing.

SNE Procures the raw material/component and fabricates the PCB as per customer requirement based on the MPN/MAKE specified in BOM and Gerbers. Procurement will be either from local source or importing through Mouser/Dig key or Chinese source. Price competition is key strength of the SNE in material procurement.

We have dedicated Team with expertise in IGI activity to carryon the Inwards Goods Inspection with a detailed report structure for database capture observed during material incoming.

Separate isolated location for storage of material with FIFO structure.

Special Formats for material accountability and specialized team to handle accountability.

Simple single layer PCB up-to multilayered boards of 25 layers fabricated from best fabricators across the city to meet best quality with competitive price.

Our Major Key strength lies with PCBA assembly with high quality orientation with a very competitive price to meet the customer baseline requirement. Here SNE has various atomized machine facilities of assembly like,

  • JUKI KE760 Pick and Place Machine: It’s a flexible component mounter with a speed of 12K CPH and feasible to mount chip components, BGA, QFN and fine pitch IC’s with high accuracy with vision camer facility.
  • EPS Reflow Machine: It’s a 6 zone Reflow machine with individual heater independent of other having profile setting option for various operation to set the temperature profile for ROHS,NON ROHS, GLUE, PASTE and multiple operations. This is a very accurate temperature profile setter.
  • Vitronic Soltec Reflow Machine: It’s a 4 zone Reflow machine with individual heater independent of other having profile setting option for various operation to set the temperature profile for ROHS,NON ROHS, GLUE, PASTE and multiple operations. This is a very accurate temperature profile setter.
  • EPS Wave Soldering Machine: It is fully automated dual wave facility to solder both SMT and PTH components with automated actuators to sense the carriers.
  • ESTOVIR DIP Soldering Machine: This machine is used if any customer specific requirements or special instruction to utilize the DIP machine to achieve the necessary quality or any old technology boards to be soldered.
  • BGA Rework Station, Soldering Stations and DMM, IC Lead pre-forming, Axial Lead Pre-forming Machine for PTH components , Magnifiers, ESD Foot and Wrist Strap Meter etc.

  • CONFORMAL COATING: Conformal Coating process of highly complex cards with multiple location masking with the desired thickness of coating as per customer specification.
  • WIRE HARNESS: supports various combination of wire harness on a turn key or Job-work basis with crimping and soldering facility.
  • Press Fit Connector Assembly: SNE provides a variety of Connector assembly as and when needed in the specified assembly boards.

Specialized manual Soldering team with highly skilled and qualified in soldering for both ROHS and NON ROHS Process having more than 8 to 10 Years experience. Soldering Team is well trained on IPC standards and good knowledge of ISO requirements. Also our dedicated testing team with engineering qualification having experience in testing multiple products. Fixtures, jigs or any specified test tool development facility with the DFT solutions available.

SNE provides services like Mechanical Box Build and Packing facility to the desired customer.

“By utilizing state of the art manufacturing technologies, we aim to provide the highest quality, speed of time to market and cost competitiveness with Continuous improvement of our facility in-terms of infrastructure and support.”

Our Vision And Mission

SNE delivers turnkey manufacturing services from printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) to box build and complete systems integration. To establish a global connection and build business relationship with the leading ODM and Designers to support manufacturing facilities To be amongst one of top EMS in INDIA by providing best quality.