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Building Up Vision, Leading Future

We provide complete Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions in the country, for the research, design and development of materials.
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Electronic Manufacturing is in our DNA

Our aim to provide the highest quality, speed of time to market and cost competitiveness.
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Your One Point PCB Solutions

SNE Key strength lies with proto type build support to a minimum quantity of single board assembly.
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Material Procurement

SNE Procures the raw material/component and fabricates the PCB as per customer requirement.

Inwards Goods Inspection

We have dedicated Team with expertise in IGI activity to carryon the Inwards Goods Inspection with a detailed report.

Stores Facility

Separate isolated location for storage of material with FIFO structure for any kind of projects.

PCB Fabrication

Simple single layer PCB up-to multilayered boards of 25 layers fabricated from best fabricators across the city.

PCB Assembly

Our Major Key strength lies with PCBA assembly with high quality orientation with a very competitive price.

Box Build and Packing

SNE provides services like Mechanical Box Build and Packing facility to the desired customer.

“To establish a global connection and build business relationship with the leading ODM and Designers to support manufacturing facilities”

About SNE

SN Electronics is a Electronic Manufacturing Service based organization, established In June, 2015 situated in ITI ancillary Estate, Mahadevapura , Whitefield Main Road in around 1500 SQFT area, Is youngest provider of manufacturing services for electronics industry, and electromechanical components and assemblies, announced the formation of the EMS in Bangalore.

Electronics are increasingly impacting everyone, everything, everywhere, every day. Today's Manufacturers face tremendous pressure to manufacture products more quickly and cost effectively than ever before

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Quality Orientation

Adherence to high quality standards provides a competitive edge.

Accelerating Time To Deliver

SNE delivers build product to the customer within committed date of delivery.

Customer Care

Our technical support is available both via telephone and email for all enquiries.


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